teams - League, Tournament, Hybrid

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PPH Patriots have many different team options depending on the talent level, age group and experience of the players.

These options are:

  • League Only Teams
  • Tournament Only Teams
  • Hybrid Team and League

We do not allow parents to pick tournament only option. The option is based on ability level and the player or team is selected.


League Teams

This option is for players that maybe experienced in All stars but maybe not ready for the high level commitment of tournament baseball. Tournaments require a lot of pitching so if a team doesn't have a lot of pitching then that team is fit for league play. League teams practice 2 times per week in the Fall and 1 to 2 times per week in Spring/ Summer.

Tournament Teams

These teams are formed with the sole purpose of playing in tournaments year round. These teams play in 8 to 12 tournaments per year and are geared for players looking to play at the highest of levels. The better the team the higher the level of tournaments we play in. Tournament only teams are year round and start with Winter Workouts and then practice 2 times per week through the Fall,

Hybrid Teams

These are teams that are just play league play for repetition and a couple of tournaments just to get started in tournament play. These are usually good options for teams just forming but have some talented players. These teams practice 1 to 2 times per week in season.